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Your skin and emotions are linked.

You may be wondering, how could my skin and emotions possibly be connected. Let’s dive right into why the root cause of your sensitive skin may be your emotions (or lack thereof).

Your skin is a sense organ. Its job is to sense stimuli in your physical environment, but what if it senses your internal emotions too? Your emotions, especially one’s that haven’t been expressed, could be the root cause of your skin problems.

It’s common in our world today to bury our emotions. Skin issues are your body’s way of showing the feelings you have hidden from yourself and others. You may be hiding your pain from the world, but it is showing itself in your skin. 

You may not want to show anyone your pain or the feelings you are experiencing. They may be hiding in the depths of your mind, in the darkest closet corner, but those feelings are there even if you don’t want to show them. 

Skin problems express your true empathetic nature. 

Who or what taught you it was safer to hide your experiences than to show them?

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