Hello and Welcome

I'm Nicole Makhudu

I am a passionate kinesiologist on a journey to empower others to heal themselves, through inspiring, educating and sharing the wonderful gifts of kinesiology.

The Game Changer

I was living and working in London. Unhappily struggling in the corporate world. Questioning my purpose. Feeling exhausted and living a life that just didn’t reflect who I was or where I wanted to be. This way of life was taking a toll on my physical and mental health. 

2001 was my first experience with kinesiology. That session shook my whole belief system. I remember leaving feeling lighter, the brain fog had lifted and I finally had clarity. I quit my job and travelled through Mexico, Guatemala and Belize for 3 months. With a bounce in my step, a heart full of love and a grin from ear to ear I was finally living life to the fullest.


The best way to predict the future, is to create it.

So why kinesiology?

After returning to London, with a new attitude and outlook on life. My curiosity and intrigue ended up leading back home to Sydney. This is where my journey into Kinesiology and Natural Therapies began.

Each and every session is uniquely personal, by talking to the body through non-invasive muscle testing. Bringing up only what the body is ready to deal with.

Kinesiology develops awareness, intuition, enhances the mind-body connect, and maintains wellbeing on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level. Through my own personal experience and working with clients I have been witness to the endless benefits.

So why did I spend 11 years in South Africa?

What started out as reconnecting with a friend, traveling and volunteering, turned in marriage and motherhood. I fell in love with the Country and the kids at the Children’s Home stole my heart. It also rekindled my passion for kinesiology and finalising my studies.

So what brought me to this moment?

After losing my Mum and giving birth a few weeks later, my life changed forever. The unbearable pain and heartache took a toll on my health and wellbeing. After a rollercoaster ride of extreme emotions and doing the hardest job I had ever done, being a full time stay at home mother, I opened my own Kinesiology practice and healing studio in Johannesburg.

Through kinesiology, self-love, self-care, being a mother and healing my wounds, I managed to reconnect with my spark, my passion, my purpose.

Now I am back in Sydney continuing to do what I love.

Why I love to learn

I am devoted to learning and educating myself. Each course brings not only new knowledge and skills, but taps into inner wisdom and supports my own personal healing and growth. Some of the courses I have undertaken are:

  • Kinesiology Diploma
  • First Aid with CPR
  • Holistic Counseling
  • Nutrition
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Chemistry, Biochemisty and Pathology
  • Akashic Records
  • ThetaHealing
  • Munay-Ki Rites
  • Nusta Karpay
  • KPower
  • Awakening Your Metaphysical Birth Story

Graduate Certificate of International Health:

  • International Health & Primary Health Care
  • Maternal & Child Health in Developing Countries
  • International Nutrition
  • Sexually Transmissible Infection & HIV – International perspective

My vision

  • To assist my clients to find their 'Truth'
  • To pinpoint those blockages stopping them from achieving their dreams
  • Empowering people to reach their full potential
  • Assisting the body in finding its innate intelligence of healing once again.